Your partner for big welding projects in Klaipėda and Tallin

Main activities and products

Pipe spools workshop fabrication
Modular process skids
Modular Pipe Bridges
Pressure Vessels
Secondary Structural Steel
Standard and special piping clamps
Standard and special pipe fittings fabrication (certified)
Modular skid design
Piping 3D modelling
Equipment layout
Equipment Specifications and Material
Take-Off Workshop and as-built drawings
Dimensional control
Lift and installation plans

Factory information

Annual output about 1500 ton of production
Administration and managing: 20 person
Industrial workers: 50 person
Workshops area: 4 900 m2
Office and utility premises: 850 м2
Fenced open-air area: 6 500 м2
Carbon steel pipes prefabrication workshop
Stainless steel pipes prefabrication workshop
Structural Steel workshop
Assembly/packing workshop
Sand-blasting Booth
Glass-blasting Booth
Climate Controlled Painting workshops

Fabrication facilities

Pipe spools production control software
CNC Pipe bending machines (up to DN80)
CNC Pipe plasma cutting machine (up to DN600)
CNC Structural Beams Drilling line
Welding rotators (up to DN900)
Pipe welding automated work cell (up to DN1200)
Overhead cranes (up to 10 ton)
Non-alloy Carbon steel piping
Alloyed Heat-resistant steel piping
Stainless Steel piping
Duplex and Super Duplex piping
High Density Polyethylene piping
Glass reinforced epoxy piping

QA/QC and Project documentation

Material Test Report and Certificates
Spool status and traceability
Welds tracking•WPQR I WPS I Welder certifications
Welds as-build ISO’s
Inspection and testing documentation
Shipment documentation
Materials traceability during production
PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing
Full time QC certified inspectors in workshop
100% visual welds inspection
Leakage and Hydrostatic testing
MPI, ultrasonic and radiographic testing
Non-Destructive Testing by third independent party



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Tel.: +370 46 482 175

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